2008-2009 Petition to stop software patents in Europe

Privacy policy

Our commitment to privacy

We take the collecting, storage and reuse of data very seriously. We provide this notice to let you know how we will deal with the information you directly or indirectly provide to us (data).


We are convinced that there are a overwhelming number of persons, companies and organisations in Europe against software patents. We are convinced the data will be useful towards future actions to stop software patents in Europe. For this we might inform you in the future of important actions and we understand you give us permission to do that. The data regarding you will be identifiable with a user id we will provide to you to allow you to know about the data we have collected from you and to allow you to ask us to delete this data at any time.


We use our own rent root servers for everything related to the petition to avoid external service providers to be able to access the data. Specially we use our own mail servers, instead of external mail services. We will store the data only as long as we think it is useful for the only purpose to stop software patents in Europe. Backups of the data will be always encrypted. Access to the information of the backups will be restricted to 2 people. Remote access to the servers with rights for the data used for the petition will be restricted to less than 5 trusted people by us who agree with this privacy policy.


We do not share any data with outside parties. We will not sell, rent or share the data to third parties without asking your explicitly permission first and we might do it only when we consider this transaction will help to stop software patents in Europe.

Commitment to children's privacy

We do not store any information for persons known to us to be under 13. We don't intend to attract anyone under 13.